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What a transfer case can do for you.

Your transfer case is connected to your transmission and your front & rear axles by a drive shaft. When your transfer case goes bad your car may no longer go into gear and give your problems. If your vehicle is either all wheel drive or four wheel drive, it has a transfer case.

What’s involved in a transfer build?

Most transfer builds are now chain driven as opposed to gear driven. The chain that is connected to the axles will need to be replaced by one of our experienced mechanics. Your vehicle will run much smoother once the transfer build is complete because the tires will spin at the appropriate time.

When to know your 4x4 need attention.

Unless you are familiar with the tell-tale signs, you may not know that your transfer case is giving out. Some things to look for are if the vehicle does not move when you put it in drive or reverse. You may also hear unwelcome sounds such as clunking or grinding when you attempt to put it in gear.

How Glover Offroad & Exhausts will fix your 4X4.

Rebuilding a transfer case is an intricate process and is best undertaken by an expert. The entire vehicle will need to be lifted and secured. Then a variety of components will be removed including the front drive shaft, shifter linkage, 4 wheel drive sensor, and the rear drive shaft. The transfer case is thoroughly gone through and inspected or a new one is installed.

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